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Beer Naked Brewery was established in 2015 at its original location as part of Pizzapalooza in Wilmington, Vermont by partners Jason Petrelli and Sara Jasinski. Their love for beer and desire to share with family and friends led them to add the brewery to their small but delicious, top 10 in Vermont rated pizza joint. The brewery was a perfect addition for pairing with pizza, but very quickly it became difficult to brew in their rented location that was not intended for a brewery. It wasn’t long before Beer Naked Brewery was facing growing pains. The search began for the perfect spot – a place of gathering, comfort, beauty, and relaxation. As luck would have it, just 5 miles up the road, there was a spot that had all that and more. The location it seemed was looking for us, just as much were looking for it – a dream brewery location. So, in short, a deal was made to purchase the old Skyline Restaurant on top of Hogback Mountain with its 100 mile view and land for expansion. Pizzapalooza and Beer Naked Brewery closed its doors in Wilmington, Vermont as renovations began on the new property location. After a little over a year, Beer Naked Brewery excitedly and happily started brewing again with original Brewmaster John Watson in June of 2017 and re-opened its doors and that of the old Skyline in July of 2017.

At Beer Naked Brewery, we want to share the feeling of finding the “perfect spot” where friends and family can gather, enjoying the beautiful views from the mountain top and sipping on fresh Vermont beer. By January of 2018, we hope to have finished renovations of restaurant and re-open Pizzapalooza at that time as well. Until then, come enjoy tastings and to go beers during the week and pours by the pint on the weekends! See you on the mountain top!

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